Game Review: Riche Wilde And The Book Of Dead

Unravel the hidden treasures in the Ancient Egyptian Era with Riche Wilde and the Book of Dead.

This Indiana Jones type of game holds players at the edge of their seats. Solving ancient mysteries of that time, with clues along the way.

The game’s storyline is as follows:

Rich Wilde is sent to 332 BC to scavenge the ancient egyptian pyramids on a mission to unlock the secret behind the Book Of Dead, and ancient tablet written by the elders of the previous one thousand years….

The book is hailed as a myth, so the story does not lead on that it even exists. It was through the discovery of fossilized scriptures that the book was created as a present to Queen Cleopatra and her achievements during the ancient egyptian expansion.

Players solve challenges and unlock new adventures as they make their way through the Riche Wilde’s journey.

But there is more.

Through each challenge is a gatekeeper who challenges the players intent, and must solve puzzles, riddles and more, in order to obtain what they desire.

Mummies, ancient pharaohs, sphinxes and more are encountered on this epic journey through the desert.

The final labrinth where king tut’s mummy is kept is the final stage of the game, and be warned, it is probably the hardest challenge out there.

But the prize is a treasure trove of the king’s riches, for any player that can bear the challenge.

Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself.

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